The Michigan Wedding Photographer Questions & Answers

Answers to some of the many questions I've gotten as The Michigan Wedding Phototgrapher!


    Question: Are you qualified to shoot my wedding? Answer: I've been shooting professionally for over 20 years (really? how can that be?!) and I've been a Michigan wedding photographer in Michigan for 15 years. I have over 500 happy couples to my credit.

Question: Can I see more samples of your work? Answer: Sure, go to my main site at and you'll see over 35 examples of my work from over 35 differerent Michigan weddings.

Question: Will you hold my date while I look around a bit more? Answer: Nope! Sorry, but I get a lot of queries each and every day and often they are coming as a referral or were at a wedding I shot and they know they want me and book me as soon as they know I have their date open. If you want me, book me. I work on a strict first come, first served basis... it's the only way I can think of that's fair.

    Question: What kind of cameras do you shoot with? Answer: I shoot with all Nikon equipment.

Question: My camera is 8 mega pixels, how many is yours? Answer: You probably are referring to your point and shoot camera. The sensors on those are the size of a women's pinky finger. The cameras I shoot with have sensors that can capture about 10 times more information which is why I can blow mine up to a poster size and yours can't get much bigger than a regular 4x6. Mega pixels can't be compared apples to apples.

Question: My friend wants to help shoot the wedding... is that okay? Answer: So long as they steer clear of me and out of my way, why not? It's called free back up and as far as I'm concerned, the more the merrier (to a point!).

Question: What do I do with the CDs of my wedding photos? Answer: You own them, so you are free to do with them what you'd like. Most clients upload them to their favorite photo site, like and send out the links to their friends and family so they can print to their heart's content the same way you can. You can also create really great quality photo books from that site as well.

    Question: Why do wedding photographers charge so darn much? Answer: You can find wedding photographers in Michigan that will charge anywhere from $1000 to $5600 and up. A lot of the price has to do with experience and frankly, what we can get. For years, every time I heard the phrase, "you're the cheapest thing out there", I'd raise my prices. I wasn't looking for clients who wanted the cheapest; I wanted clients who valued wedding photography and my style of photojournalistic shooting. Don't get me wrong... I'm still a bargain compared to most other working photojournalists, but I don't want to be the cheapest Michigan wedding photograher either!

Question: How long does it take to get my Cds? Months? A Year? Answer: No... that would be your typical wedding photographer and I'm not your typical wedding photographer! I will have them to you within two weeks of your wedding and that's if I'm tied up on vacation (which rarely happens). I work on them right away and usually have them to you by the time you get back from your honeymoon which is usually about a week. Question: Do you shoot with another photographer? Answer: I shoot solo (all the images in my portfolios are mine). The only time I add another photographer is if you want the photobooth option which costs $300. Then I need to bring along a photographer to shoot that during the reception. Having a second shooter has become very popular lately and if you really, really want a second PROFESSIONAL shooter, another one can be added on for 8 hours at a cost of $1500. This isn't a wanna be, coming up through the ranks, learning the trade photog... this is my back up shooter and professional photojournalist, Rodney Curtis.

Question: A photo booth? What's that? Answer: I can add a photobooth to your package if you'd like. A photographer sets up a light and encourages friends and family to come play in the "booth"... really a blankish type wall that serves as a generic backdrop. It's a great way to entertain friends and family and to get any of the large group photos taken care of. My daughter runs the booth (she and her college fund are most appreciative) and she's gotten great feedback from clients as well. Click here or here to see two different slideshow samples from a photobooth.

Question: What might be a typical problem brides face during their wedding day that could easily be avoided? Answer: Bustles seem to cause the most avoidable "disasters" during any given wedding. A bit of preparation and time with the dress shop can avoid all of that. Bring someone other than your mother to you fitting and if the bustle seems at all complicated, have that bridesmaid, or who ever you brought practice a few times and write out instructions. I've seen brides either not know at all how to do it, or struggling to give instructions to people buried underneath her behind! The other thing is to have the seamstress reinforce that bustle to the point of annoyance. If they have one hook, have them add five. If they have one button, have them sew on two back ups. They fail constantly (over 50 percent of the time) and then they're dragging causing a hazard for you and your quests and it's an easy fix AHEAD of time!

Question: Any problems grooms can easily avoid? Answer: Grooms seem to make out fairly well, so to speak. Cluing them in on the events of the day, what the rough schedule is helps enormously so he can manage his way through the day without having to rely on you for all the answers. I know it sounds ridiculously obvious, but sometimes grooms are kept pretty far out of the planning loop and are basically showing up for a "surprise" wedding and people will defer to him with questions constantly rather than interupt the over burdened bride.

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