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I hope you're enjoying the slideshow presentation of what one of my photo booths typically looks like at a wedding. No big booth to lug into the reception. No huge area needed. That being said, I do set up a professional light and the station is manned with a photographer who will invite your guests to come play at the photo booth station throughout the time that I'm there. This is a great way to capture larger group photos in a fun and more candid way (with controlled lighting) and it's also a great source of entertainment for your guests. This way we can get the various groupings (high school buddies, college pals, co-workers, etc) to come visit the booth. I edit and prepare all the high resolution images and you can take it from there. Either post them online, print them out, add them to a guestbook... you can do whatever you'd like with them!

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The Michigan Wedding Phototgrapher . Com, Photobooth and Photo booth sample presentation