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Photo of Marci Curtis, the michigan wedding photographer       Marci Curtis - The Michigan Wedding Photographer

      Okay, so I'm not THE Michigan Wedding Photographer... there are lots of wedding photographers and I am certainly not the only one, but I am one of the few Michigan wedding photographers who has a stellar reputation as being a great wedding shooter as well as being extremely helpful and easy to work with. Oh, and I produce great wedding images! I love being a wedding photographer and find it funny that I'm as much the antithesis of the stereotypical wedding photographer as my brides are the antithesis of the stereotype of bridezilla.

      My approach and style are unique, since my background is completely in photojournalism. A lot of young shooters do try to imitate this style and approach with wildly varying degrees of success.

      My personal and shooting style are unobtrusive, laid back and professional. My couples tend to know exactly what they want, photography is extremely important to them, but so is being able to enjoy their day without interruption and interference from their wedding photographer.

      I've been shooting professionally for over 20 years and have truly seen it all. Nothing phases me, I love being able to head off mini obstacles as they come up and create spectacular images that no one ever suspected were being shot. Every wedding day is unique and so is the coverage. The personalities, the back stories, the whirl of action happening all around you all day is so fun and dynamic and itŐs my job to capture all of that so you can recreate your day by reliving the moments for years to come. Thanks for checking me out.

The Michigan Wedding Photographer - Style and Approach

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